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I was born in Sarajevo in 1977. When I was six years old I made my first success in painting when my drawing representing the children of Bosnia and Herzegovina was used during the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo in 1984. However, I remember the disappointment in that drawing when it was done – That drawing was different from the other kids drawings – it set me apart, when all I wanted was to be part of the crew, one of the guys. Still, they accepted my work so I felt accepted and somewhat special.”


I started on this artistic journey inspired by the work of the Giacometti. When I am thoroughly familiar and engrossed with my work, I move on and have no fear of wasting time by the trying of different painting ideas and technical solutions. That is now a process in which my admiration for many other artists can be clearly seen, but it is also a clear sign of a painter who is truly amazed by the being of art that is always reborn.

Practiced Arts

  • Oil Paintings
  • Painting (other)

Fairs and trade shows

Momcilo Moma Bjekovic

Momcilo Moma Bjekovic
From 01/01/2015 To 16/09/2015
Exhibiting: 2001 he exhibited at the Biennale of young artists from Europe and Mediterranean in Sarajevo. From 2000 to 2005 several students collective exhibition of graphics and drawings in country and abroad. 2005 Collective exhibition "Names and Hope" - Youth House Gallery Belgrade 2011 Triennial of visual and experimental poetry "Reflection of the soul in time," - Cultural Centre Valjevo 2011 Solo exhibition "Experiment 2" - Gallery of Cultural Centre of Lazarevac 2012 Independent of the exhibition "Experiment 4" - Gallery of the Cultural Barajevo 2012 Solo exhibition "Experiment 6" - Gallery of the Cultural Vranic. 2015 Solo exhibition in boarding school "Petar Drapšin" 2015 Solo exhibition "The similarity of the existence" - The cafe gallery Friday 2015 Collective exhibition "Belgrade, the city where I create" - Gallery Singidunum, Belgrade 2015 International Festival of Arts Dev9t Publications 2015 Sachet Mixte Themes: Oils (Volume 3) Book, UK 2015 Journal of Culture Avangrad number 19, Serbia 2015 Sachet Mixte magazine Edition Eleven, UK 2015 The literary magazine "The White Raven", Russia


University of Arts in Belgrade The first year of postgraduate studies, Theory of Art and Media, 2006 – 2007 Academy of Fine Arts in Banja Luka Graphics art, 2005 ORGANIZATIONS Association of Fine Artists of Serbia Member 2011 to Present