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What information do I give to MyArtMakers when subscribe to its website?
When you subscribe we will ask for your e-mail address and other optional information. If you are artist and you want to have a MyArtMakers account, MyArtMakers will ask you to give your whole address, telephone number, a valid e-mail address, your SIRET number and your Maison des artists or AGESSA registration number.
Is there information that I must not insert on my profile?
Yes. Don't post anything on your profile that can violate authors rights or something that is against the general terms and conditions of MyArtMakers. Be considerate when commenting and don't write anything that could be harmful for you or other members.
What happens to my information if I delete my MyArtMakers account?
If you delete your account all information that was on it will be automatically deleted. MyArtMakers doesn't keep any information. Which means that if you want to reactivate your account it won't be possible and you will then have to create a new one.
Is the information that I post on MyArtMakers secure?
Yes, MyArtMakers doesn't sell or communicate your name, e-mail address or any other personal information without your agreement.
Who can see my client profile page?
All cybernauts who have access to MyArtMakers can see my client profile page
Who can see my artist profile page?
All cybernauts who have access to MyArtMakers can see my artist profile page
How can I delete my member account?
To delete your account you must be on My administration. Select My account and you will see a button "close my account", click on it to delete your account.
What can MyArtMakers do with my information?
MyArtMakers uses your information only for a few purposes: product and services, invoice and authentication, ameliorating the services, contact and search by criteria. IP addresses are automatically reported by your web browser every time you open a web page.
For more details, go to terms and conditions