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Compagny tax exemption when buying an artwork

Deduct with ease
All MyArtMakers artworks come with authenticity certificates signed by the artist and an invoice with the artwork's price. Both documents helps to profit fiscal advantages. In order to make it easy for you, you can download the official CERFA guide.
What are the conditions for tax deduction?
All of the artworks that you obtain on MyArtMakers are certified to be unique an genuine. They open the right for tax deductions on compagnies.
In order to do so, the artworks must be in a place accessible to all the employees, throughout the next for years after its acquisition.
You can profit from a deduction equivalent to 20% of the artwork's price for about 5 years starting from the acquisition date, only if the deduction doesn't exceed 5% of your annual revenue.
Imagine a compagny that obtains three artworks with MyArtMakers in 2014 for an amount of 100 000€. This society will deduct 20 000€ of it's imposition from 2014 to 2018, in the 5% limit of its annual turnover.

The artwork must be saved in an adjustment account. The deduction will then be detained in a special reserved account. The price of the artwork will be deducted on taxes in a non-accounting way from the acquisition date and the four years after, dividing the amount equally every year. The deduction amount must be subscribed to a special reserved account passive from the society.

If you want to separate yourselves from an artwork obtained with us, or if you want to carry out a deduction on the special reserved account, the amount deducted will be reintegrated in the taxable year.

From the CGI article 238 bis AB, acquisition of artworks :
Societies can deduct from their results the costs of acquisitioned artwork from living artists subscribed to l'actif immmobilisé only if they stay open to the public.
This deduction is carried out in equal parts after the annual tax results and the four years after for bought artwork starting from 1.1.2002 (or the nine or nineteen years after for other following artworks that were bought on the 1.1.1994 or before).