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Frequently asked questions for contemporary artists

How does this happening if the client refuses the work in the end?

As part of functioning of MyArtMakers, the client follows the entire production of his artwork and may make comments to the artist to ensure his final satisfaction.

In case of refusal of acceptance of the work by the applicant, MyArtMakers has all the evidence at its disposal to establish the compliance of the work of the initial order and the expertise of artist.

To avoid any inconvenience, we advise you to regularly communicate with the client and occasionally transmit to him some visuals of the work in progress.

What will happen if the artwork is damaged in transit?

If the artwork is damaged during transit, it is the buyer asked not to accept the artwork and notify the carrier. It will then appealed to insurance companies to cover the losses incurred. It is in this sense primordial that the packaging of the work, if done by the artist, is beyond reproach.

How MyArtMakers remunerates himself?

MyArtMakers is remunerated only by a 20% commission on transactions conducted on its platform.

Example: For an order of € 500 including tax, MyArtMakers levies :
500*0.15 = 75€
TVA : 75*0.196 = 14.70€
For a total of 89.70€ TTC.

Can we ask the payment of a deposit with the order?

Currently it is not possible for the artists to receive a down payment with the order. MyArtMakers secures the transaction, and the client must make payment before you have started the realization of the work.

How does it handle image rights on the works?

The image rights over the works are part of the patrimonial rights of the work. These are the property of the artist as provided by law. MyArtMakers has a right to use the images posted on his website for the promotion and communication.

Who is responsible for the transport of the work?

The packaging and transport of the work are the sole responsibility of the artist. They should be detailed in the commercial proposal in response to a command. The artist must take care to respect its commitments in this regard because they are the sole responsibility.

We recommend to use specialized carriers in the delivery of artwork. For more information, please consult the sales support guide for the artists

How is defined the price of the work in my proposal?

To set the price of his work, the artist must do the following calculation: Artwork's price = Benefit Amount + Cost of materials + Cost of packaging cost + transport.

Can we propose works already carried out on thematic orders?

Yes, if the artist has already completed a work that is within the scope (more or less accurate) of an order, then it can propose it directly to the applicant

The process is the same, there will be simply no implementation phase, because the work is already done.

Can I register if one is not registered with the Maison des Artistes or Agessa?

Yes, it is better to be registered with one of these two institutions, but have a SIRET is enough to register on MyArtMakers.

Should we do the work before the client makes his choice?

No, the achievement of the work should start after selection of the winning artist by the customer and the online payment of the order.

Can we contact the applicant?

Yes, once connected on his account MyArtMakers, the artist and the client can exchange messages from the order page and this during the whole process.

Having an account on MyArtMakers is impacting for the image and the "odds" of the artist?

Artists are completely free to respond to commands that interest them and offer the price they want for their performance. They can strengthen their image and develop their rating over the orders.
Thus, the artists confirmed preferentially respond to high budget orders while young artists start with lower price orders. And they can always respond to others and raise their rating quickly.

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