They are how MyArtMakers lives

MyArtMakers was at origin created by Adrien Saix. Enthusiastic entrepreneur, searching to reinvent the modern art market through innovations and opportunities given by the web 2.0. Today MyArtMakers is controlled by Adrien Saix and his assistant Pauline Roux, in charge of partnerships and artistic relationships.

Once upon a time MyArtMakers, the beginning of a big adventure

In Paris 2003, Adrien Saix asked himself one question. One nagging question: why have I never bought pieces of art? This question can seem a bit insignificant but it reveals several problems. How can modern art be accessible to all? With what means can it be diffused and how can it be known? The history of MyArtMakers was born.

The entrepreneur goes out to study the modern art market. Problem? He sadly realises that this sector is elitist and enclosed. So he forges his own conviction: art must be accessible for a wider public and the conception of this market must be readapted in order to reply to the artists and art enthusiasts' demands.

From there, a new concept took place. A novice platform, a true artistic community where art will become reachable. The idea will overtake the classical vision of the art market because clients will find, with ease artists that they like. The norm will be reversed and the barriers erased.

On 24 February 2014 a first version of the website was launched. The success was unbelievable: MyArtMakers won three prizes and was at the heart of twenty presse articles. Nonetheless, Adrien Saix and his team of enthusiasts had a bigger vision. They thought that their service could be ameliorated in order to give more advantages to their artistic community. They then decided to change the first website and give it new practicalities.

At the beginning of 2015, Pauline joined Adrien and took over the artistic direction and partnership. The team got bigger and now holds a dozen of associates in Bordeaux. A New version of the platform was lunched in march 2015 with the idea of making it easier to use. Completed with a bonus, an e-art magazine relating to technique, movements and artistic news sees the light.

Today MyArtMakers is ranked first on the social and modern art market. The team works with passion and wants to reinvent modern art in order to satisfy the community of artists and art enthusiasts.

The founders
Adrien Saix
To run, to develop, to invest…three words about an original history, the one of all participants taking part in the compagny's creation, the one of Adrien Saix. Engineer at L'UTC de formation, Adrien always has had the willpower to run a compagny. That's why just after getting his HEC diploma he launches his own activity: MyArtMakers, searching to reinvent the art market and thinking about ways to link the artist to the collector. Enthusiastic about innovation and digital communication, Adrien is in charge today of managing the strategy and the development of the compagny. Enthusiastic entrepreneur, he is involved in the service of valuable creation in a sector of activities that is reinvented in a time of digital techniques.
Pauline Roux
Artistic director
Born in Besançon in 1988, Pauline Roux was into art at a very young age, incarnation and reflection about passed or modern societies. That's why she naturally continues her formation by studying art history before specialising in the art market in Paris. Today associated in the MyArtMakers society, she is responsible for the artistic directions, partnerships and events. A blossoming contact with artists, their artworks, and artistic partnerships. She is ambitious to make art accessible for all and to promote artists and their creations on MyArtMakers, a new way to democratise art.
The team members
Web designer
Web designer
Web designer
Web designer
Web designer
Community Manager
Community Manager
Community Manager
In charge of artistic relationships
In charge of artistic relationships
In charge of artistic relationships
Art blogger
Web Designer
Communication manager
Biz Dev
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