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Artistic project calls for art enthusiasts

Artwork ordering, what is it?

MyArtMakers is ranked first world wide for creating an online method that enables to order personalized artwork. We enable you to reach out to a community of modern professionals in order to create your own artistic project. Two types of orders exists; the favorited order, aimed for one artist and the selected order that works like a call for an offer.

The selected order
The favourite order
I ask a quote to all artists for my artistic project
I have a favourite artist and ask him for a quote for my artistic project
Interested artists reply
I receive his proposition
I compare and choose the best proposition n
We communicate and if it suits me I confirm his proposition
I pay online and the amount is deposited on a secured account
I confirm the artwork before being sent off
My artwork is delivered at my house
I give feedback on the finished artwork
Wishing for a piece of art just for you?

You can order a personalised artwork
it's free without any obligations